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What we do?

OSG develops solutions for neurology and sleep diagnostics.

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Latest News

  • OSG releases new RT Software suite version 4.2! 26-10-20

    In this new version, OSG has developed the interface with the SD PLUS amplifier family. In addition, we have enlarged our camera support for AXIS camera's, unlocking features such as 4K and superior audio quality.

    Click here for the Release notes of RT Software Suite 4.2!

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  • OSG continues its sales & support activities while taking measures to protect its coworkers! 03-08-20

    Since COVID-19 cases have been rising consistently in the province of Antwerp, ultimately leading to an orange zone label, OSG has taken to obligatory wearing of face masks in all office premises, as well as a restriction of access to the office of all carriers of packages and such.

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  • OSG resumes on site deliveries! 12-05-20

    Now that COVID-19 lockdown measures are slowly becoming less stringent, OSG resumes on site activities such as installations and annual maintenance which have been postponed for several months.

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